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Homeless Program

A hand placing a paper house over top of a paper cutout family

Do you live on the streets, in a car, van, tent, or other place that is not a permanent structure?
Do you live in a shelter, motel, hotel, or other transitional housing program?
Are you staying with friends or family because you have no permanent housing?
Are you a youth who is not living with your parents or legal guardians?

Admitting that you, or your children, lack permanent housing can be uncomfortable. However, privately disclosing this information to the school can ensure educational stability and access to numerous supports. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act is the federal law that deals with the challenges encountered by children and youth experiencing homelessness in relation to enrollment, attendance, and succeeding in school.  

Your Rights

  • To go to school right away
  • To stay in the same school, or go to a school in the district where you are temporarily staying
  • To register for school regardless of having proof of residency, academic records, or health records

School Supports

  • Transportation to and from school
  • Help obtaining school supplies
  • Starting the free/reduced lunch program
  • Requesting required academic and health records from previous school(s)

Getting Help

Each school district has a Homeless Liaison who is responsible for explaining your rights to you, and assisting you in getting the support services needed. To find your school’s Homeless Liaison, contact the superintendent’s office of your school district or search the Homeless Liaison State Directory online.

The Bucks County Resource Directory also provides some local assistive and support services information for children, youth, families, veterans, and others.