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Transition Services and Programs

Special needs child gardening while outdoors

Students between the ages of 14-21, who are supported by an Individualized Education Program (IEP), are eligible for our transition services. These activities provide post-secondary education and training focused on:

  • Job Readiness Training and Experience such as writing a resumé, filling out job applications, practicing job interviews, researching colleges and technical schools
  • Employment: Following instructions, working with co-workers, social interactions, dressing appropriately, job development
  • Independent Living Skills including activities such as doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and kitchen safety, using public transportation, and money management

In addition to providing these transition services, we operate several transition programs for students from 18-21 years old. These include Decisions, Spirit, STEP, Voyages, WOW (We’re Outstanding Workers), and IU Hope classes all designed to further prepare students for independent living, post-secondary education, and employment. Advances are achieved using community-based instruction, various volunteer opportunities, and supervised work experiences as determined by the student’s IEP. Throughout the year, school districts can submit referrals to our Bucks IU programs as well as to get supervised work experiences, job development, and independent placements for students attending their own district programs.

Employability Expo

We hold an annual Employability Expo, where students gain experience putting together a resumé and participating in mock job interviews with over 30 community businesses and organizations providing interview personnel. We can also offer some assistance with finding students volunteer positions for hands-on training outside of their transition classroom programs, and regular employment.